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Come & DineFood & Frolic   By: Abigail Brown Collins

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38. Mexican Potato Soup copy

178. Cranberry Pomegranate Relish copy

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1-900 Miracle – An Odyssey of God’s amazing grace in a broken world                                                                                                   

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Introduction copy        2 The Flight copy

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 I spent most of the day reading your miracle book, and just finished! Ab, it really ministered faith to me, and hope.  L.T.


Finished Your book today!! Can’t wait to pass it on!! I am a nobody in the endorsing book world. But if I where a Billy Graham or Smith Wigglesworth or Tozer. I would certainly endorse for the whole world to read your book. L.J.


I really love your book!  I’ve been going a little slow, savoring the ‘first read’ longer, wishing there wasn’t an end. You did a great job. It felt like I was there experiencing it with you. Thru your stories I feel a visible & tangible experience of who God is that lifts & bolsters my faith so much. I’ve long wished to hear all your miracles. I feel indulged & so LOVE your book!!  I mean every word of it, it’s a great, impacting book. Your stories are easy to relate to because they are so human & so faith-building with God’s miraculous endings. I think it HAD to be written!  I think books like yours are rare.


Abbie, I absolutely love your book!!!  I had no idea your life was such an amazing journey and adventure with The Lord!  So, encouraging and inspiring!!! love, C.R.


1-900 Miracle reveals a passionate God and His immense love for his children.  Each chapter lifted me with a sweet message of how He infiltrates each of our lives with great tenderness.
I loved the story of Noah’s birth.  Then came the precious story of the young American Indian girl cured of Tuberculosis of the brain after Abbie prayed over her.  Each miracle describes how ONLY God could have been the one that stepped in.  Only He could have orchestrated the sequence of events.  This book was written with the author’s gentle voice that was very comforting to my soul.  C.J.


What a hard life she’s had. But, she is victorious in the Lord!