In-House Program

Spasmodic Torticollis Recovery Clinic     2-Day In-House Program


NOTICE!   Due to a recent diagnosis of cancer, I, Director Abbie Brown, will not be offering the In-House Program at this time while I go through treatment using a natural Protocol with the Dr. Hoxsey Bio-Medical Center in Mexico. I am also dealing with extreme vision loss due to Macular Degeneration. I hope, at some time in the future,  to resume taking clients in person. Until that time, please consider our Long-Distance Course which uses the exact same materials you would receive if here in person. Once enrolled and on your program, all further counseling is free. God bless you and thank you for your understanding and patience.


  • Risk free, natural, non-medical
  • Proven effective in eliminating the painful, crippling symptoms of S.T.
  • Encourages an ongoing recovery of the whole person – body, soul, and spirit
  • Personalized and compassionate care in a comfortable, non-institutional setting. You are the only client and receive ALL our attention
  • CPT code letter available upon request, which has helped some obtain some insurance coverage.

4 part:

•  A non-aerobic light exercise program, including light weight work

•  Nutritional suggestions

•  The famous S.T.R.C. backrub which you will learn how to do for yourself. This massage is ST-specific and we also use hot stones during massage – a luxury that intensifies relaxation.

•  Attitudinal work and the application of scriptural principles to encourage the recovery process

 Our In-House Program is an intensive thorough 2 day program, including the following:

 •  Daily private one-on-one private classroom instruction in the

     exercise program, stretching and gym work

 •  Skills that will enable you to physically support your recovery

    process (rather than the S.T) on a daily basis and hasten your


•  Motivational work (guidelines to help you work through

    the tough times).

•  Program Guide detailing all the exercises and more.

•  A 273 page photo and text Guidebook of the entire program

•  2  DVDs of the entire program – all exercises (stretching, gym

    and Bodylastics) , habit patterning, a nutritional seminar,

    Myra’s 18 min. Massage Demo and a pool demo.

•  The viewing of two films.

•  A daily upper back and neck rub/massage, including a

   full-body massage by a licensed Massage Therapist. This massage is

    ST-specific, and we also use hot stones during massage –

    a luxury that intensifies relaxation.

•  Free follow-up consultation and free Quarterly Updates.

•  Daily free luncheon meals.

•  Free Transportation to and from your hotel/motel if you do not

   rent a car. (for facilities recommended by the clinic included in your

   acceptance email).

This Clinic is located in a dedicated area of a private home in a country setting. Please do not call after 5 pm MST. Thank you!


See Fee page for fee information and Application to download

Quote from a medical Doctor recently enrolled in our Long Distance Course: Abigail,  I’ve browsed thru the Manual and look forward to viewing the DVD.  What I’ve seen so far is extremely thorough and having had my ST diagnosed in 1974,  having been to numerous neurologists and several PT groups (incl j-p bleton in Paris),  your program is clearly the most comprehensive.  Congratulations on all the work and success your group has had treating a very complex,  poorly understood and very individual disorder.  R…. M…., M.D.

Spasmodic Torticollis Recovery Program

Caring for those with Spasmodic Torticollis