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SPASMODIC TORTICOLLIS RECOVERY CLINIC Client Testimonials                                                      

Just a few of our many victory photos. Mouse over & click on small left/right icons above to scroll through before and after photos.

Spasmodic Torticollis (Cervical Dystonia) knows no boundaries, affecting people from every socioeconomic, professional and racial group. This clinic has seen clients from many walks of life – medical doctors, attorneys, house wives, auto mechanics, students, those on disability, etc. and people from every imaginable philosophical/spiritual and non-spiritual persuasion. S.T. is a real equalizer, and, in a sense, bonds us together in our struggle, our sorrows and our joys. We are in this together, all working toward a better life.

gold-ballAbbie –just a note to let you know it’s been nine years now since my head is back up in the air on it’s own because of the STRC program! I still feel wonderful that I can walk with my head upright and can walk like a normal person. Once you loose this ability as I did with my S.T. and then gain it back again and get normal, it’s certainly worth the work to get there. love, Rick

gold-ballDear Abbie: I post on ‘ST’ BB w/several others, and many say they plan to or have begun your program after reading my many bragging true posts of your program. XXXXXXX also is your cheerleader on this site. Anyway, your program is God given and I’m grateful that He led me to you back in late 2005…..I’m joyously still recovered at 2.6 yrs out, painfree forever it seems…. , living normally and spreading the word where I can. love, Rosanne

gold-ballHi Abbie, Just wanted to say hello and tell you that l am doing good. l went out to dinner the other night sat there straight up no pulling of the head or neck, no squiting of the eye’s – it really felt great. l have been trying to keep myself very calm with as much stress as l can avoid, and it really seems to be working. l fall asleep faster. l am really feeling the difference. Thank you! Peace Love & Healing, Ken

gold-ballHi Abbie, Sorry its been so long since I’ve touched base with you, but in some ways, that is a very good sign of how my life has gotten back to normal! I continue to do very well. The spasms are a distant memory (it is over 2 yrs now), but still vivid enough to remind me of why I need to keep up with all that you taught me. Thank you for your dedication to this condition…I know that your work is literally giving people their lives back. So great to hear that you are busy at the clinic and that life is treating you well. May you be blessed. Susi

gold-ballHi Abbie, I just got back the proofs of some pictures I had made last week and wanted to send you one to show my progress. It will soon be two years since I attended your clinic and there is such a difference in the way that I feel. I have gone through times when I felt like I was really close to recovery and then some stressful event would happen that would set me back a little. I can honestly say now that I have some days where I get to the end of the day and think “Wow, I didn’t even think about my ST today.” I never thought I would be able to say something like that. I can’t even remember the last time that I had to find something to prop against when I was standing up talking to someone. It amazes me that I can be hurting in my neck or shoulders and do a little stretching and fix myself. That, to me, is the most wonderful part of your program. I no longer feel that I have to rely on a physical therapist or pain relievers to keep me functioning the way I want to be. I will be forever grateful to you for making me feel like a normal person again. Linda C.

gold-ballHi Abbie, an update on my condition!! I am doing very, very well. I’ve started walking without needing to use my hand to keep my head straight! I so missed being able to go for long walks, so it is such a blessing to gain back to that pleasure without having to fight with my body to do it!! I am amazed at how quickly my body has responded to your program, and once again Abbie, am so grateful. Blessings to you, Suzi

gold-ballGood morning Abbie, My progress, I think, is something to brag about! My progress and improvements certainly still continue even at 16 months. Tightness still lingers at my left neck, but reducing week by week in tiny increments … typical of nerve and muscle repair. I’m physically so near normal in every respect except for turning my head fluidly left, but this is improving. My neck muscle strength is greater now than the spasms. I must send you a photo but I’m so busy now that even this is difficult to find time to do. Early Jan, I started back on my piano lessons with no interference of neck control as I play, whatsoever! This was a hurdle for me as turning neck left, right and straight smoothly is key. I work out 1 & 1/2 hours at the gym M, W, and F faithfully and love it. Remaining week days I do about 10 exercises before bedtime. I realize the importance of staying calm and peaceful at all times (and this takes some doing!) and how this affects the degree of my symptoms. I’m so grateful God led me to you in the 10th month of my ST onset … delay changes the outcome, I’m sure. Trying prescription drugs for 3 months was definitely a set back with respect to my symptoms, but entering your program ASAP was vital to my recovery outcome – that information should be widespread. Blessings to you for all that you do. Rosanne

gold-ballAbbie, I am happy to report that I am doing quite well. I won’t say I am 100%, but 80-90+ % depending on the day. I have been as diligent as possible doing my exercises, including the harness. I have opted to not have Botox, but instead to continue to work on your program since is does seem to be helping. The key is I am keeping my head straight and very pleased with that. So all is good for now, and I am very thankful for that! Todd

gold-ballHi Abbie, Well, I am feeling very very well as of late. Last week I ran twice without feeling any pulling or after effect. Everything is going so good for me – I can’t thank you enough! John

gold-ballDear Abbie, I am doing really great. Since I visited you last year I have been working your program with a real Dutch discipline. I am stabilizing at 96% which is great for me. I am really pleased and assume to be in full recovery. I can do everything! I’m biking, walking, playing golf, squash, swimming, and sailing. I’m having meetings, presentations, social gatherings, but most importantly I can do everything again with my family. I play soccer with my kids. We walk a lot and spend a lot of time together. Life is really great, and all of this would not have been possible if I hadn’t visited you in Albuquerque. Thank you very much!!! Best regards, Robert

gold-ballAbbie, I just wanted to let you know that I woke up this morning feeling the best I have felt in five years!!!! I know that your program is working, and I am so thankful to have been given the opportunity to come to Albuquerque this summer. I think one of the most important benefits I’ve seen is the increased understand my husband now has about my condition. He and I are working well together to help me come into recovery. I look forward to being able to send you many more positive progress reports. Linda

gold-ballThis was written 6 weeks into her program:Abbie, I was just excited today to tell you that finally I can walk with my chin tucked and not hold my head!!!!! Of course I can’t do it all day, but today was a breakthrough day. I am progressing more and more each day. It’s so exciting to see and feel my body changing! We think of you a lot and pray for you and everyone that has torticolis. Hope things are going well wat the clinic. I’ll keep sending you updates. Thanks so much for everything you do. my best, Beth

gold-ballHi Abbie, XXXXX and I just went to Jamaica for 10 days and it was fantastic – my neck was really good the entire time!! I was blown away by how much more comfortable I was. It’s still a tiny bit crooked and eating is still weird sometimes, but it’s a thousand percent better in the day-to-day stuff. Thank you so much for the program. I am eternally grateful! best, Jen

gold-ballThis email arrived after on 3 weeks on the S.T.R.C. program.Abbie, Just wanted to give you a quick update. I am already seeing some results. I have more flexibility in my neck and can hold my head a little straighter. And I’m only three weeks away from Botox. I would usually be in a lot of pain by now. I’m anxious to see if the Dr. can see improvement. I thank you so much for all I learned. The terrible soreness is gone now and the massages are wonderful! Thank you again. God bless you. Marlea

gold-ballAbbie, my neck is completely better! I am so grateful that I cannot say enough prayers of thanks. I hope you continue to be well and your clinic is still happy and successful. Love, Shelagh (from England)

gold-ballWhat a victory!! Adele was 72 when she came to the clinic from NY. She went home and did not do the program with much committment because of the pain and mostly because the daily committment was frustrating for her. A year later she decided to try Selective Denervation and flew to Canada for the operation, but it was not successful and she had to go back on Botox and meds and was still twisted and in pain. Then about year ago, she got fed up and decided to get serious about the STRC program and try it again. This time she meant business, and here is her wonderful report that she sent last week (she just turned 80):Dear Abbie, Just a little not to thank you for all the exercises. I work out now every morning every day, and they have helped me greatly. I can now stand straight, head in the middle straight ahead and also turn right and stay. I am off all the meds I was taking for my S.T. and I feel so much better! Thank you for giving my life back to me. Sincerely, Adele

gold-ballHi Abbie, I wanted to let you know that I’m still doing well. I know the Torticollis is there, but I don’t think anyone else knows. I still have a mild tremor, so mild that unless you know it’s there, you wouldn’t know. As time goes by, the tremors are less and less. Of course I still do stretches every day and light weights about 3 times a week, which I know is key. More and more I realie that without your encouragement and training, I would not be doing so well, and know, without a doubt, that it’s your program that has given me my life back. Thank you so much! Love, Kathy

gold-ballDear Abbie, I’d like you to know that I am feeing great! All my relatives and friends can’t believe how good I look. Nobody would guess I have ST. I feel very much like recovered! Thank you so much for showing me the way to go and thanks to our Lord for helping me to do it. love, Resi, age 60 (from Germany)

gold-ballAbbie,…. Being positive is one very important thing, and I do not want to start thinking negative. I run, walk, jog, climb stairs up to apartments to deliver papers, and three flights to third floor. I feel like a kid. I can turn my head on both sides just fine and I do try to do so, so I keep good flowing movement in my neck and so it does not get stiff. I am well… And I am straight, and pain free… 🙂 love, Jeanne

gold-ballHi Abbie,“Who doesn’t believe in miracles is not a realist.” I read it every day in the Manual, and I really think it’s a great saying. Tomorrow is my 6th week in your program and I am still hanging in there. It has not always been easy, however it seems that the stretching exercises ae getting easier, especially this last week. Since the 1st of October my head has stopped puling. I can still feel the tension inside, however it doesn’t show anymore at the outside. Sitting/standing/walking and talking at the same time is going very good. Even eating and talking (which was impossible when attending your clinic) is now again a normal think. I think this is really amazing, and I feel really good about it! I’m looking forward to get to my 100%. I’m not doubting it and I know I’m going to get there. Of course I’ll keep you informed. Best regards, Robert. (Robert is originally from the Netherlands but working and flew in from Ecuador)

gold-ballDear Abbie, if it hadn’t been for you and the program, I wouldn’t have achieved recovery. I credit you with my condition today, and I’m so happy not having to have Botox injections every seven or eight months. Besides being literally a pain in the neck to have them done, they were expensive. Being straight and normal naturally is such a wonderful feeling. Thank you again for your wonderful program and your loving dedication to all of us with this terrible disorder. We are so lucky to have you in our lives. God bless! Love, Sherry

gold-ball“Hi Abbie, I am continuing to do very well. When I returned home, I did the stretches every chance I got. Before long, my neck was cracking and popping as it started to straighten up. I am just so thankful that I have recovered from my pain and awful twisted neck. I credit my success to your program and getting to your clinic early in my struggle. Take care and thanks for your help! Mary J.”

gold-ballThis is part of an email Darlene sent to someone contemplating coming to the clinic.
“It has now been 7 years since I went to STRC. My family and friends encouraged me with “what do you have to loose?” and what I lost was a bobbing head and the need to see my neurologist 3 or 4 times a year for Botox injections. What I gained was a new friend (Abbie) and a new lease on life. I have faithfully done the exercises throughout this time. I would like to say that I am fully recovered, and I guess if recovery means being able to do most everything that I was able to do before the torticollis “reared it’s ugly head”, and before some other age related issues entered the picture, then I am in recovery. The exercises do work – I have only had Botox for my ST one time since working with Abbie’s program. I appreciate the fact that Abbie’s program is used by Abbie herself to control her torticollis. She constantly encourages her clients and would never encourage her clients to do anything that would not be in the best interests of their recovery. The bottom line is that I would very much encourage you to schedule a time to go to the clinic. I don’t think you will ever ever regret it! Sincerely, Darlene”

gold-ball“Hi Abbie,… I attend Beth Israel Support group in New York, and I’ve been doing so well that many of the members did not believe that I have Dystonia! Thank you for that Abbie. In so many ways you have given me my life back! Jennifer”

gold-ball“Abbie, .Many people have expressed amazement at the visual improvement – a common comment is the Botox must really be working. I am always eager to share that it is my commitment to the S.T.R.C. program. It has been nearly one year since my last series of Botox – Hallelujah!! I know that this program works, and it is worth the sacrifice (if you can call it that) to know that I am able to control the spasmodic torticollis without medical intervention. I am reminded to be thankful every waking moment for the program you have shared.” Darlene

gold-ball“Abbie Although I knew this after being at your clinic, the video reminded me of how much information you truly provide. You provide a wealth of information that no other doctor, person, etc. I have come in contact with has ever even come close to providing, or even knowing about for that matter. From the stretches, exercises, proper massage techniques, daily habit patterning, etc. your information far surpasses anything out there. You are truly a gift. All my best, Tom”

gold-ball“Dear Abbie, I feel on top of the world. I have not resorted to Botox and for the most part, lead a pretty normal life. I’m doing very well!” Love, Barb

gold-ball“In early 1987 I began feeling dizzy, and my neck began pulling to the left. After being diagnosed with ST, I took a high dosage of Artane, but I felt like a zombie. The pain was excruciating, and my jaw and gums even throbbed. I wanted to scream! I felt I couldn’t go on living with the twisting and prayed for help. Then I heard about S.T.R.C., and my fellow workers at the bank raised the money to help me with the cost of the program. I attended the clinic in July of ’88. With the exercises Abbie taught me, I began to get stronger, the pulling stopped, and the pain gradually went away. It was like a miracle! My family doctor and friends at work couldn’t believe how straight I was! Everyday I exercise, and if I miss a day, I can tell the difference. It’s so wonderful to be rid of that awful pain and crippling twisting, and I wish more people could attend S.T.R.C. and learn to get control of this awful condition.” Pam

gold-ball“Dear Abigail,… My neck looks and feels wonderful! Every day someone tells me how great my neck looks and how much more life I have in my eyes and face. II truly believe that you have helped me in ways I’ll never be able to explain. I am straight right now and feel that I have reached a point that I consider recovery. I do the stretches faithfully everyday and the weight lifting every other. I believe in taking this one day at a time and cherishing the moment – the happiness of feeling like me again. Thank you! Love, Andrea”

gold-ball“Hi Abbie, I am doing well! Went to church again last Sunday to try out my neck once more and make sure I wasn’t dreaming I can now keep my head forward all the time!! Have missed but one day of exercise (flu). Am I tempted to skip? Yup, but I don’t. Sometimes tempted to cut them short? Yup, but again I don’t. Some days are better than others in the pulling part and also in the tremor part. I have been told I am much better, but I’m cautious.” from 66 year old Flo after 5 months on the program.Not home free yet but well on her way.

gold-ballThis is from Chris in Hong Kong who is in the process of recovery and had a severe retrocollis:”Dear Abbie, I don’t know whether it is progress, but I don’t have to hold my head now…” Yes, Chris, that’s major progress – keep up the good work!!!P.S. Oct. 1999 – Chris is now in recovery, and his before and after photo appear on the Photo Testimonial page at the end of this website.

gold-ballAnd this from Monica who was instantly healed in prayer four months after attending S.T.R.C. “The muscles in my neck and spine that were shackled by the disease for months are now being used normally and strengthened. All the symptoms of torticollis are gone. He delivered me!!! I was so overwhelmed with gratitude for His mercy and compassion that I was in tears and speechless for days. I am completely healed!!!!! Now I understand the power of His Word. My neck is back to normal, thanks to the greatness of God and the help of S.T.R.C.. Thanks for your inspiration. Love, Monica”
“Dear Abbie, I am looking forward to the New Year! I haven’t been in touch for awhile, but I am now happy to report that IT’S WORKING!! I had my last Botox injection on August 26. Normally I would have been eagerly awaiting an injection in November. I had no need for one then and feel no closer to needing one now. Nancy”

gold-ballIn a letter sent before Frank’s recovery
“…I hope I can get my hands on the wheel someday. Then I’ll know that I can raise a family of my own. I sure would like to see the day when I can give you an ‘after photo'”
And here is Frank’s most recent report (his before and after photos are included in the S.T.R.C. Information Package and on the Photo Testimonial page of this website) “Abbie, I can ride my bike now. I don’t feel any spasms whatsoever except for some pain (which lasts for a few minutes) in the upper left arm sometimes (not usual) when watching a movie or sitting on a train. That’s why I’m lifting weights more with my left arm for muscle strength and flexability. And I’m taking driving lessons today and absolutely have no problem! I would attribute this condition to your program and I guess to those prayers made for me. So if there is still a miracle these days, I’d say this is one. Frank “

gold-ball“Dear Abbie, I was with a friend and former colleague not long ago, and in the course of the evening he commented without any previous mention of the subject ‘You are straight, in fact, you are really straight.’ …… As I was telling a friend of mine recently in reference to the STRC strategy, ‘It works. It just plain works!'” Bob from Florida, 8 months into his program, not home free quite yet but close.

gold-ball“Abbie,…Things are getting better for me. I’m almost afraid to talk about it for fear I’ll be disappointed, but I feel my neck and posture is much better. I went to the Dr. on Friday, and he couldn’t believe how good I looked. …Love, Pamela”

gold-ball“Dear Abbie, Just thought I would let you know how things are going. I have had my head up on it’s own since August 3rd. I’ll never forget that day. I’m so thankful every day for this, and I thank God every day for you being there to help me out. About 10 days after I wrote to you about my head going to the right when I lay down, it stopped. My posture is better than it’s ever been. I’ve told many of my friends that I feel as proud as a peacock when I walk now.” Rick

gold-ballExcerpted from ST/Dystonia, Inc. newletter:
“I went to see Abbie at the Spasmodic Torticollis Recovery clinic in July 1998… She methodically and patiently taught me an exercise program that has literally returned my life to normal. I have no more pain, and I look almost as I did before I got S.T…. If you are thinking that there is no hope, stop letting the chatterbox part of you mind rule you. Take control of yourself and reach out to her. If there’s one more thing you want to try before you give up, let it be her – you’ll never regret it. Linda Wall.”

gold-ball“Hi Abbie, you asked how I was doing. I feel the best now since before the onset of the ST. The symptoms are greatly reduced. I can go for long periods of time without thinking about the ST at all. I would say that I am 90% recovered. God continue to bless you and the work you do. Jamie”

gold-ball“Abbie, Good news!! by the grace of God, the muscle spasms have decreased to the point that I’m able to hold my head straight. The spasms became real severe last summer – it peaked around August at which time it was very difficult to open my mouth and eat. Then, around the Holidays, the pulling slowly began to fade. I’m now able to do more of the activities that I used to; I even went snow shoeing last weekend! As of September, I returned to working full time. Thanks so much for all of your prayers and encouragement. Also, thanks for the emails that come through. I believe that every little bit of information helps. Thanks again for everything – I’ll continue to keep you posted on my progress. Bill”

gold-ballOddhild wrote this 3 weeks after finishing her clinic week. She is not as yet into full recovery but is making wonderful and rapid progress.”Abbie,… this weekend we were invited to a wedding and I did not feel like going, because my head was pulling forward and back all the time. But the funny part was that on that day I was able to control my neck for several minutes at the time all throughout the day!, I had a wonderful celebration with my friends and was dancing a lot. And when I woke up this morning I have been able to control my neck almost the whole day. this is incredible for me as I have not been able to do this in many years! What an inspiration to keep on with my exercises. This has been the best day in at least 10 years. Anyway, I just had to tell you and thank you for being there! Love Oddhild” (Norway)

gold-ball6 weeks into his program. Dave has OMD as well as ST, and when he came to the clinic I could hardly understand him. The stretches have also obviously improved not only his ST but his OMD as well!
Dear Abbie, well, we have seen some definite changes in my ST. Remarkably my speech is still doing better. For the most part no one has asked me to repeat myself for quite some time and that feels great! Something else has happened that has surprised me. Usually I have botox every 3 months and lately it has just been for pain. I looked at the calendar the other day and could not believe it. Usually after the 2nd month I am in so much pain all I did was sit around the house. With less than a week before my botox injection I am virtually PAIN FREE. Thank you and praise be to God. I am not going in for more Botox. Dave”

gold-ballFrom a client who recovered a couple of years ago, then went deer hunting and shooting of the rifle caused a loss of recovery. It took him another 16 months to get back into recovery. (Don’t shoot a gun if you have ST!!!)
“Abbie, It was definitely harder the second time to get straight. After about a year I was quite a bit better but was still tipped and turned somewhat. It wasn’t until I got a little mad and added more weight to my exercises that it began to straighten up even more. The head harness seemed to be the key. In total it took about 16 months to get straight. I am enjoying life again and once again I owe it to you. Perseverance pays off! love, Gary”

NOTE: Not all clients who attend S.T.R.C. recover, because some give up and stop doing the exercises or work inconsistently. This program is a commitment and a lifestyle but well worth the time and effort!