In-House Curriculum

In-House Curriculum


9-9:40 Intake & Program Guide

9:40-10:10 Habit Patterns

10:10-11:15 Stretching Exercises

11:15-noon Massage, Trigger Pt., Bodo, GuaSha

LUNCH at the Clinic

1-1:30 Magnets & Self-help tools

1:30-3:00 movies

3:00-4:00 nutrition seminar


9:00-noon   Stretching, Gym, Bodylastics

LUNCH at the Clinic

1:00-2:15 Research, including Psychoneuroimmunology, med review, emotional issues, commonality among ST’rs and stress relief

2:15-3:00 Wrap Up

3:10-4:15 massage

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