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Spasmodic Torticollis Recovery Clinic  Client Testimonials

Just a few of our many victory photos. Mouse over & click on small left/right icons above to scroll through before and after photos.

This At-Home program was launched April 24, 2002

gold-ball Dear Abbie, I just want to say thank God and you for this program. I graduated today from 12 oz. soup cans to 20 oz. water bottles in lieu of bells, and plan to continue adding weight I still have some spasms and some pain but they are greatly reduced and I’ve only been on the program a little less than 3 months. But I have a wonderful unexpected benefit. I had let ST rule my life and I had let my health run down, but now I feel good. We are frequently told to move outside our “comfort zone” so we can accomplish more. I was thinking about this on the way to work this morning and God reaffirmed this to me when I had the thought that “you can’t walk on water unless you get out of the boat.” Once again, thank you and Praise God. Keep doing the good work that you’re doing. Lorraine

gold-ballAbbie ….. By the way, I renewed my driver’s license this week and in the new picture my neck was straight. That’s the first picture in a long time with me looking forward. Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! Susan

gold-ballAbbie, I feel like a chump for not dropping you a call. I’m already at 90% and doing everything except jogging, if you can believe that! I continue to wake up stiff, but that seems to be improving. Thanks so much! Tom
Clinic Note: we don’t recommend jogging. It’s too aggravating for S.T.

gold-ball Abbie, I wanted to tell you about my doctor’s visit today. I had wanted to give the botox a chance to be gone from my system and then tell him about my progress. He has not been one that was particularly pro exercise… He is a Movement Disorder Specialist. Since I had been doing exercise on a regular basis since I was first diagnosed, I knew it made a difference in how I felt. So, I told him that it had been 5 months since my last injections and I didn’t need them now as he could observe. So he asked about what I had been doing and I gave him a brief description of your program and what I had specifically been doing. He had never heard of your program and does have other ST patients. Anyway, I am pleased with my progress and so is he. Driving is getting a touch easier, I’m learning to get on the freeway without turning my head around and trusting my mirrors. At age 62 it isn’t easy to change. Dede

gold-ballHi Abbie,I can’t believe how great I feel!!! I am sore but it is not pain. There is such a difference. My posture is improving, not just the ST posture but my whole posture. My body is looser, and I can move more freely as long as I remember to stretch throughout the day. I had no idea that I was as stiff as I was. No wonder I felt so old! I’m breathing better for the first time in years. Instead of shallow breathing I actually find myself breathing deeply. So far Im doing the exercise (went to 5 reps today), massage and traction. And of course the military brace position and sleeping on my back.Thanks Abbie. I have hope! Jan

gold-ballAbbie, in March of 2005 I purchased your long-distance program. That was the best thing I could have ever done! I no longer have the constant pulling sensation that I always had. I rarely have any pain at all. I know I can hold my head straighter, because when I look in the mirror, my head no longer is slightly turned to the right anymore. I feel more in control of my body and my head no long pulls to one side becoming locked like it used to. Also, I can always do a few good stretches and then always feel better. I am forever grateful. Your ST friend, Bev

gold-ballAbbie, I am making good progress. I can type with both hands, do chores, drive my RV, eat with both hands, etc. I do the exercises religiously – OH WHAT A RELIEF! When I get stressed or anxiety hits, I just find a place to lay down and stretch. I have not had any presccription meds, and I’m coming up on two years with NO BOTOX! My head stays straight now about 75-80% of the time. Your program works!! I really feel great! Take care and thanks for all you do to help others. love ya, Vic

From a client who began the program in 2002 and has been doing very well:
gold-ballDear Abbie, Just wanted to share some news. I fell over the dog 2 weeks ago and cut my knees and elbow. I was really shook up, but wasn’t far from home so got home and put ice on my neck. I rested for awhile and then did some of the exercises. I then had a massage using my machine. More rest and more exercises. I had another massage and went to bed praying for no ill effects. The next day, thank God, I was fine – no problems at all with my neck!!! I’m so glad to have the trouble shooting tips for they definitely worked! Feeing very well – my head is very staight and my neck and shoulders are in no pain. Thanks again. Nuala (from England)

gold-ballAbbie, I wanted to let you know that during the time I was having trouble with my TMJ, I did several of your exercises for my neck and later, when I took a bite of something I noticed my mouth opened easily. I looked in the mirror and my mouth opened all the way!! You exercises helped my TMJ and I haven’t had any trouble since! The exercises feel so good to my neck and I love the neck stretch with the pillowcase. Thanks, Beverly

gold-ball Dear Abbie, First, thank you very much for sending me the manual and video. I started the exercises on Tuesday, and a week has gone by and already I am noticing a great improvement Once again thank you so much in giving me hope! kind regards, Glenis (from Australia)

gold-ballAbbie,I was diagnosed in 2001 with this horrible condition. My husband was diagnosed in 1998. This condition is not contagious in any way. It was coincidence I too developed it. I was told because of the stress of dealing with my husband’s condition. My neck was continually going backwards. I wore a neck brace for a short time. Was a little supportive. My husband’s head had turned fully to his left shoulder with a tremor. We both have elevated shoulders. We were totally unaware of this condition and had never heard of it. I researched a lot on the net and bingo – met Abbie on line. Unfortunately, there not a great deal of research or awareness raised for this condition in Australia. Abbie gave us an enormous amount of exercises, hints, ways to do things, standing, sitting, but most of all she gave us an enormous amount of strength. My husband and I take the botox along with exercising, water aerobics, massages, watching our posture along with meditation. We still maintain the botox every four months It is a wonderful medication for medical conditions. In time our ST reached a plateau and stabalized itself. My husband’s condition is slight different to mine. He had severe pain and tremor with it. The tremor is still there only in a reduced fashion. His pain comes on when stressed. I don’t have pain only tightness. Our muscles are the same ones effected only my husband’s muscles are a lot more hyperactive than mine. As you can see from my photo I have come a long way, in fact, both of us have come a long way. So to all of you with ST keep at it. Keep those muscles moving and stretched and keep Abigail in your lives. Charmaine (Australia).

From one Long Distance client to another, in our Long Distance online Chat Group:
gold-ball Dear Ted, Congratulations! You are doing so well on the program and have surely figured out what works for you. It must be so gratifying to look back a few years and see how far you have come! One thing I have noticed over the past 2 years or so of communicating with the group is that we have all made great progress in two areas. One is finding out what works for us, and the other is a change of attitude from fear and despair to a sense of management of it and great hope for the recovery along with tolerance on the way. Just think where we would be had we done nothing all this time. Hope the new people give this some thought. Meanwhile keep up the good work and enjoy your life! Blessings, Lynda”

An email sent to the whole Long Distance Chat Group:
gold-ballI wanted to give an update to everyone on my progress and hope that it gives someone some hope! This December 1st will be 6 months since I had my last Botox injection. What changes have taken place! I am free of pain, hold my head almost straight and feel great. Abbie’s exercises have helped as has reducing the amount of coffee, sugar and chocolate I eat. I have also quit a very stressful job. I constantly remind myself that it was only five months ago that I felt I could not live with my condition anymore. If anyone had told me that five months later I would feel almost normal again, I wold nave told them they were crazy! I sincerely feel that in another 6 months I will be recovered. So to everyone out there, have faith. Here’s one guy that’s proof that if you give your body a chance to heal – it will! Best wishes, James

gold-ballDear Abbie, I’m completely straight most of the time. It is SUCH an improvement!! I haven’t missed one day of stretches yet, and this is my fourth month into the programme. You were right about it becoming second nature – it’s like breathing – you know you can’t go without it. I’ll keep you posted. Lotsa Love, D’Vida, South Africa

sm Abbie, I have been very focused on my recovery program that began on August 11, 2003. I noticed some small results within a couple weeks of the kickoff. This was a huge encouragement to me and motivated me even more, if that was possible. My neurologist was quite impressed with how well I was doing when I showed up for my shots on Nov. 11. I told her all about the program and how excited I was to be participating in it. I have now gone 45 weeks today since my last set of injections. It’s a miracle!! My head is now almost aligned in a central position between my shoulders. I’m able to do things now that I had difficulty doing even on Botox and especially when it was wearing off. Then I would have to walk around holding my head up with my left hand wrapped over the top of my head. It was dreadful. Now I can walk without the contortions. I hope and pray for continuing improvement until I reach full recovery like you. Thank you for being such an inspiration to all of us. You have shown us what is possible. All the best, Anne

gold-ballAbbie, thanks for all the updates. As of September NO BOTOX for one full year!!! I can hardly believe it! I am doing the exercises everyday, especially the hard military and smile chin tuck. It really feels good and helps me stay straight as long as I don’t let stress and anxiety get the best of me. I am still using both hands working on the computer, which I could not do before taking your home course. Thanks again and may God continue to bless you for blessing others. Vic. (Vic has been on the course 14 months).

gold-ballAbbie,”Thank you for your clinic program! My father is beginning to be able to talk where we can understand him. He can swallow better and he can hold his head up to look someone in the face for short periods of time. These are things he couldn’t do or had difficulty doing just one month ago. Thank you again!” Lisa for her father Hart
gold-ball Hi Abbie, thanks for the info you posted to me. I am doing the exercises as per the instructions and am happy to say I have seen a marked improvement in my condition. The exaggerated tilt to my right which I had has almost disappeared. What I have noticed is every morning when I wake up, the torticollis symptoms are not there…. Gerald from Africa Gerald is not in recovery as yet but well on his way.

gold-ballAbbie, Ever since I received your workbook, I have disciplined myself to engage my stance to the military brace position especially while working on computers, driving and sleeping correctly. My neck has straightened to the natural position in 3 days. Frankly I havent started on the full range of excercises as prescribed. I am determined to carry on bit by bit daily until I am spasm free. I will keep you posted with my progress over time. Thank you. Warmest regards, Jasmin (from Malaysia)

gold-ballDear Abbie, I just thought I would let you know that I seem to be showing some improvement already in my ST thanks to your course. I can now stand, walk and sit without supporting my head for a good number of minutes and am starting to get more flexible. I visited a relative in hospital last night and managed to sit with no support for over an hour (there were no chairs left for visitors so I had to sit on the side of the bed). I was in a little discomfort but normally I would only have been able to sit for 5 minutes like this and been in a lot of pain. I don’t have access to a gym yet but I’ve been persevering with the stretches and the Bodylastics exercises, hopefully, I should be able to start the gym exercises soon. Pam

gold-ballDear Abbie, I am actually doing quite well. I have definately noticed an improvement. I first noticed it while driving, and I am now able to drive without constantly getting the soreness and pulling in the neck. We just returned from a week at disney World and for the first time in a very long time, I was able to read on the plane without having any pulling or soreness in my neck!! That was a real treat! Thanks for the program. This is the first time that I have felt like I can get over this thing! I’m enclosing a picture of me and my husband at Disney – see how straight my head is! Thanks again. Sandy

gold-ballHello Abbie, It is almost one month since I started STRC exercises and now I am much better! My older brother saw me for the first time after exercises and said me that I was really better:)) I hope to give you more good news again next time. Reyhan (from Turkey)

gold-ballDear Abbie, First of all, I want to tell you that you did an excellent job on both the manual and the video. Ginger also did a great job as your model. I’ve been diligently doing the exercises that I can do. Just 3 weeks after I started the program, I went to my kenesiologist, and he couldn’t believe the improvement in me already! God bless you, Mary Beth

gold-ballDear Abbie, I look forward to my recovery which, for the first time — now that I have your program (and kind support, thank you!) — I believe is possible! The tape and book are both treasures, thank you for making it available as an at-home course. I just don’t have the words to express to you how thankful I am for the information you have packed into your course. NOTHING even close to this was provided to me by my doctor; in fact, – when I was first diagnosed and tried to sit around and do nothing “so it wouldn’t get worse”, I felt lousy and incredibly depressed. I felt as if my life was over, and sat around most of the day crying and making a long mental list of things I would never be able to do again!!!! But, when I got myself up and started moving my body, I felt better. Yes, sore, more spasm, but better. Now that I have your program, I know I’m on the right path because I now know how to exercise my body in order to feel better physically especially from the stretches, and mentally by knowing I have these tools to fight this! Thank you! Barb