International Affiliate Clinics



S.T.R.C., Inc. opened a second recovery clinic July 17, 2017 in Indonesia. The new Director there will be Rusli, a former S.T.R.C. Long Distance client. I and our Board of Directors are delighted with Rusli’s dedication to this call and his clear expertise on many levels. He will be a wonderful Director. He speaks both English and Indonesian. As soon as his website is up, this information will be added. His email is: [email protected]   As with Gabi, please only contact Rusli if you are interested in attending his new In-House clinic. CONGRATULATIONS Rusli !!!!!!!

“There are so many people who have badly lost their hope due to this sickness, and I really hope we can help them from here in Indonesia. Thanks a lot Abbie for the great program and your wonderful supports during my recovery.”