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A Natural, Risk-free, Non-medical Option since 1986
For Spasmodic Torticollis, Cervical Dystonia, Dystonia
Be encouraged - there's hope!


This program is designed for those who have.
You will be the only client here during your week, so you will get all our attention.
Spouse or guest welcome for free.
            pattie-before 2001     pattie-after 2001
"I wish I could convince all the people with Spasmodic Torticollis
that there is no safer, rewarding way to beat Cervical Dystonia than with
your program!!! I will always be grateful for you and your help.
I never thought I would ever be able to do some of the "normal"
things I do now that I could not do when I was so crooked.
May God richly bless you! Love, Patty"
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PayPal now has a new offer; you may stretch out payment over a period of time with no interest charge, making the clinic fee more affordable.

EXCELLENT new book: Diagnosis Dystonia; Navigating the Journey  by Tom Seaman This shoud be THE resource book for ST for many years to come!!!

2 new books by Abbie

New book by Abbie Brown Collins:  1-900 MIRACLE  This began as a project in 1995 and, over  time, developed into something of an augobiography.

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   New complete cookbook revision   COME & DINE       including many new recipes.








Hi Abbie,

I'm still in recovery and doing well.  I think of you and the STRC often.  If it weren't for you, I would probably still be receiving Botox injections.  I'm so happy to be beyond those, and I'm very thankful to you.  Occasionally I receive an email from prospective clients asking me about my experience with the Clinic and if I would recommend your program.  I always give them a resounding YES to their inquiry.  There was a lady on the Facebook group who gave up after one year.  I wish she had hung in there, because as we all know, it takes perseverance and patience.  I guess there will always be a few who just don't have that kind of patience though.  I was one of the lucky ones who achieved recovery easily after loosening my muscles with the Botox.  Thank God for that!  S.J.


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Quote from a medical Doctor recently enrolled in our Long Distance Course: Abigail,  I've browsed thru the Manual and look forward to viewing the DVD.  What I've seen so far is extremely thorough and having had my ST diagnosed in 1974,  having been to numerous neurologists and several PT groups (incl J.P. Bleton in Paris),  your program is clearly the most comprehensive.  Congratulations on all the work and success your group has had treating a very complex, poorly understood and very individual disorder. R...M... M.D.

Henk's Journey

Here is a pdf testimonial from a recent client. When Connie arrived here, I honestly wondered if I'd be able to help her at all. Her voice was so gravel-y that I could barely understand her, and her gait so jerky and awkward that I was scared she'd have a bad fall while here - all that in addition to ST! There are so many varied ways that we get healed, and it's my belief that God's hand is in all avenues of healing, whether through surgery, medications, exercise, diet, etc., but occassionally Jesus  intervenes with a supernatural miracle, and this is just such a story. Connie gives credit to me, but I did nothing. I ran her through the clinic as I do all my clients and was absolutely stunned and overjoyed to see what happened while she was here. She continues to be completely well, and all glory goes to the Lord!

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"Thou, Oh Lord, art a shield for me; my glory and the lifter of my head"    Psalm 3:3

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